Meditation Garden

When Chapel members and visitors wish to pray or ponder, the Meditation Garden affords an idyllic opportunity to do that. Beautiful flowers, plantings and a waterfall, with several benches, offer an ambience most conducive for meditation. But the primary purpose of the Meditation Garden is to provide a final resting place for departed members of the Chapel congregation and their families.

In 1994, a handsome masonry Columbarium was designed and built with niches for 101 urns containing the ashes of those gone to their eternal reward. By 2007, all the Columbarium niches had been reserved by Chapel members and expansion of the facilities was necessary. A second Columbarium was designed and constructed in 2008 with appearance similar to the original. Columbarium II, as it is named, offers almost as many niches as the original, although the structure is smaller. In addition a Memorial Garden was designed and built that same year that provides an area for direct interment of ashes of the departed in the ground.

Everyone is welcome to visit the Chapel Meditation Garden, whether to say a prayer for a departed loved one or to simply sit and reflect on the beauty of God’s world. Chapel members may obtain information on reserving space for interment of loved ones by contacting the Chapel office.

Members of the Chapel congregation may reserve a niche in Columbarium II or a plot in the Memorial Garden for interment of the ashes of the member or the member’s immediate family. The original Columbarium (Columbarium I) is fully reserved. Requests for exception to the limit on identity of those to be interred must be referred to the Chapel Governing Board.

Those interested in reservation of Meditation Garden space may obtain a folder from the Chapel office which contains complete information on terms and conditions for use of the niches or plots. The Meditation Garden Guidelines found in the folder provide answers to many questions commonly asked.

The cost of a reservation either in Columbarium or Memorial Garden is $1000.00 per individual interment. Niches in the Columbarium are sized for either one or two interments, using urns supplied by the Chapel. The cost of urns is not included in the reservation fee. All plots in Memorial Garden are single but adjacent plots may be reserved. The Chapel assumes the obligation of perpetual care of the Meditation Garden as part of the agreement with those who reserve space for loved ones or themselves.