Chapel Nurse Program

Caring for the people of God is a part of every church’s mission. Amelia Plantation Chapel has chosen to enhance this mission by having a Chapel Nurse on staff.

Nurses care for the physical needs of their patient, but beyond that they are also led to care for the individual’s mental and spiritual needs. Unfortunately, nurses who work in busy hospitals and clinics are only given enough time to care for basic physical needs. A parish nurse is blessed with an environment in which to practice a holistic ministry.

The Chapel Nurse is a registered professional whose focus of practice is the faith community. Health care needs for each individual are approached with the whole person in mind, promoting healing as the integration of body, mind and spirit to advance well-being, even when curing may not result. The Chapel Nurse also assists in assessing and utilizing all appropriate healthcare resources.

The following is a list of the general areas of care a parish nurse provides:

  • Health education
  • Information about health and living a healthy lifestyle
  • Understanding medical diagnoses
  • Health counselor
  • Support through listening, discussion and prayer
  • Finding God in the midst of change
  • Dealing with stress, depression or anxiety
  • Grief counseling
  • Visiting patient, family and friends in a hospital, care facility or at home
  • Referral source
  • Access to healthcare resources in the community
  • Accessing insurance
  • Home health care or hospice
  • Assistance in completing Advanced Directive, Living Will, Health Care Surrogate
  • Exploring long term care options
  • Voicing healthcare needs and concerns

All communications with the Chapel Nurse are treated as confidential, consistent with the professional standards of nursing and pastoral care.

The Chapel Nurse is open to new ideas for ways to provide health-based programs to our members. As with most of the programs, member support is a critical part of ongoing delivery, and the Chapel Nurse is consistently seeking ways to work with members to develop programs of interest that enhance this ministry. Please contact