LibraryThe goal of our Library is to promote self-directed Christian inspirational reading and understanding. Our expanding collection of over 700 Titles is largely the result of shared items that have been personally meaningful to our members as well as a growing collection of reference resources.

The Library includes books, tapes, DVD’s, CD’s, videos, and current Christian periodicals, as well as resources which have been used in previous study groups. There is a separate section for fiction and these books do not bear the Amelia Plantation Chapel stamp or endorsement. Our members are encouraged to continue to support this project by contributing appropriate materials.

To assure privacy, there are no records kept showing an individual’s withdrawals from the Library; each person borrowing from the collection is requested to return a borrowed item before removing another. It is also requested that reference materials be used on the premises.

The Library is located in the Board Room and books are arranged in alphabetical order by the author’s last name. A printed list of items in the collection is located on the Library shelf. A sign on the bottom shelf indicates where returns and donated materials should be placed.