Women’s Fellowship

Carol Adams and ?The Chapel provides many opportunities for ladies to come together in Christian fellowship. These shared experiences provide opportunities to strengthen the bonds of friendship among Chapel members and their guests.

The women of the Chapel embody an enthusiastic group of volunteers, always ready to insure success at the fellowship gatherings held at the Chapel and during Chapel conferences, workshop, study groups, and rehearsals. They clean and straighten, cook and serve, they stitch, they sew, and tie things with bows. The ladies of the Plantation Chapel are busy giving … and receiving!

Each Sunday morning Chapel members and their guests gather for Coffee Fellowship between our 9:15 and 11:15 a.m. services. The ladies of the Chapel, (and some of the men too), provide the refreshments each week.

The ladies of the Chapel prepare the luncheon served during our annual one-day conference. And they really put out a spread for the Pastors, the choir, and musicians after all of the services on Easter Sunday!

An Oyster Roast takes place annually in March at the home of a Chapel member and in October we have a rib roast, usually at Walker’s Landing. These are wonderful times of fellowship and delicious food! And while the men usually man the grills, it’s the covered dishes the ladies provide that make it a meal to remember!

During the summer, monthly covered dish lunches are held in the Fellowship Hall. Our Pastoral Care committee plans these gatherings with the ladies of the Chapel on-hand to assist.

But it’s not all service … Twice a year the ladies of the Chapel gather to celebrate, typically around Mother’s Day and Christmas. Sometimes these events are catered, but more often than not the ladies opt for a covered dish affair. After all, these women are really good cooks! To add to the fun a speaker will be on hand to beguile us with a delightful story, dazzle us with remarkable artwork, or inspire us with words from scriptures. These festive gatherings are always well attended!

The Chapel Fellowship opportunities for ladies are varied and numerous. May your life be richly blessed by your participation in our church community.